"While Covid-19 outbreaks vary widely in severity, the global circumstances make it impossible for our attendees to take part in this event.After consultation with our attendees and sponsors we have decided to make this conference a virtual event. Present your research works virtually and publish your article in high impact factor Journals."
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    • Theories and practices of English learning and teaching
    • English and American literature and culture studies
    • Linguistics and applied linguistics
    • Corpus studies and discourse analysis
    • Bilingual education and multiculturalism
    • Language development and second language acquisition
    • Teaching materials and methods
    • Curriculum planning and design
    • English for specific purposes
    • Multi-media in the language classroom, including e-learning and development
    • of computer-assisted teaching materials
    • Learning strategies and communication strategies
    • Language assessment and evaluation
    • Language education policies, including placement tests and exit scores for
    • graduating students