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    Internet of things for biomedical applications
    Implantable electronics: integration of bio-interfaces, devices and sensors
    Electronic devices, circuits and systems for non-invasive diagnosis
    Radiofrequency devices, circuits and systems for e-medicine: data communications, diagnosis, monitoring
    Energy autonomy of implantable biomedical devices
    Internet of things for remote healthcare and health monitoring

    Cognitive internet-of-things (IoT)
    Knowledge representation in IoT
    Decision making strategies in IoT, data fusion
    Learning under IoT constraints
    Pattern recognition in IoT
    Biometrics for the IoT
    Individual and social behavior analysis through IoT sensing mechanisms
    Context aware data management
    Environmental monitoring, network surveillance
    Multi agent strategies
    Transfer learning, information-theoretic learning
    Bio-inspired intelligence, neural networks for IoT
    Deep learning for IoT