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    Accelerator Research and Development
    Applications of Particle Trapping: Quantum Information, Chemistry, Trace
    Astroparticle Physics
    CMB polarization
    CMB, Supernovae, Weak Lensing, Large Scale Structure
    Cosmology and astrophysics as related to particle physics
    Cosmology and Gravity
    CP violation, CKM and Rare Decays
    Dark Matter and Dark Energy
    Detectors and Data Handling
    Early Universe and Particle Cosmology
    Flavour Physics, CP Violation and Tests of Fundamental Symmetries
    Hadronic Structure, Parton Distributions, soft QCD, Spectroscopy
    Heavy Ion Collisions and Soft Physics at Hadron Colliders
    Heavy Ions
    Heavy Quarks Properties
    High-Energy Astrophysics
    Highly Charged Ions in Traps
    Large and small scale structure formation
    Matter/Antimatter Asymmetry
    Modern field theory, dynamics of strongly coupled theories
    Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics
    Non-perturbative Field Theory
    Nonstandard cosmology
    Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology
    Perturbative QCD, Jets and Diffractive Physics
    Physics at Future Facilities
    Physics beyond the Standard Model (colliders, rare processes, exotica)
    Physics of neutrino, neutrino oscillations
    Plasmas and Collective Behavior
    Precision Spectroscopy and Frequency Standards
    QCD and Hadronic Physics
    Quadrupole suppression, initial conditions and low CMB multipoles
    Quantum and QED Effects
    Quantum chromodynamics, strong interactions
    Slow roll and fast roll inflation in connection with the CMB and LSS data
    Standard Model and Beyond
    Standard Model and Electroweak Symmetry Breaking
    Storage Ring Physics
    String Theory
    Superstring theory and phenomenology
    Traps for Radioactive Isotopes
    Ultra high energy cosmic rays and gamma ray bursts