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Even as the fields of engineering and technology, in general, are heading into the next frontier - popularly referred to as the "age of automation", the sheer gap between the amount of technical information, knowledge, and awareness of this knowledge, is increasing rapidly. This is precisely why the World Research Forum (WRF), is organizing the 'International Conference on Mathematic, Statistics and Applied Science (ICMASTAS-21)' from the 15th-16th Dec, 2021. This event will witness some of the biggest minds across various sub-disciplines of engineering and technology gathering together to disseminate essential expertise. As a result of attending this conference, everything from research activities and experimentation to learning, industrial output, and the global economy, will progress as well as witness accelerated growth. This event is guaranteed to equip participants with the skills they need to excel in their respective fields of engineering and technology by making a name for themselves through their research work and contributions. Additionally, this conference will also provide avenues for participants to exchange ideas and network with each other as well as domain experts from their fields. Overall, this event is aimed at professionals across all spheres of technology and engineering including the experienced, inexperienced, and students as well.


Gaining the chance to make use of your time at home isolated in quarantine to advance your knowledge-base and equip yourself with the necessary skills needed to overtake your competitors and rivals.

Obtaining the opportunity to sit and learn at the feed of stalwarts from your profession and discipline who will inspire you to do better and strive for bigger and better objectives than you currently are.

Acquiring the chance to interact, connect, and form long-lasting professional partnerships with like-minded peers, top industry professionals, and veteran researchers. These partnerships will eventually give rise to numerous career opportunities and chances for growth.

Acquire an insiders perspective on many of the biggest research studies and experiments in your field, that are being carried out across the planet.

Obtain ideas and inspiration on new and more profound research topics to pursue if you are keen on undertaking a research project or study.


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