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(Hybrid Event)

Conference Registration

Participating members may register as per the following charges:

Step-1 : Registration Details

Categories Early Registration
19th June 2024
Regular Registration
19th July 2024
Live Onsite Presentation   USD 369   USD 399
Live Onsite Presentation with Scopus Publication   USD 569   USD 599
Live Onsite Presentation with Q2 Scopus Publication   USD 1400   USD 1700
Live Onsite Listener   USD 186   USD 201
Virtual Keynote Speaker Registration   USD 349   USD 389
Pre-Recorded Video Submissionn   USD 229   USD 249
Online Presentation   USD 169   USD 189
Online Presentation with Scopus Publication   USD 469   USD 499
Online Presentation with Q2 Scopus Publication   USD 1200   USD 1450
Online Listener   USD 104   USD 115
Online Payment

Step-2 : Mail Bank Statement

Once you have transfered the registration fees mail the screen shot of successful transaction to (With your complete registration details in the registration form)

Step-3 : Camera Ready Paper submission

Submit Camera ready paper as per the guidelines.

Important Note

  • Successful fees and entry are only subject to payments done before the deadlines.
  • Accommodation, airport transfers, and transport are not included in the registration fees.
  • After making payment, download the Registration Form from our website and send it to ( after filling all the necessary details.

Presenter Form

Listener Form

Registration Benefits

Attendees of the conference can look forward to a variety of benefits when they register, including:

  • Presentation Opportunity: Attendees can present their research and receive feedback through Q&A sessions.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage with speakers and fellow participants through interactive learning sessions.
  • Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals in your field to build valuable professional relationships.
  • Conference Materials: Access conference materials such as folders, booklets, learning material, and more
  • Certificate of Participation: Attendees receive a certificate of participation and presentation delivery (for in-person and virtual attendees)..
  • Access to Globally Renowned Journals: Attendees can access globally renowned journals such as Scopus, Web of Science, and Google Scholar
  • Inclusion in Conference Proceedings: The possibility of having your research paper included in the conference proceedings.
  • Personal and Professional Development: In-person attendees have opportunities for personal and professional development.
  • Live and Recorded Sessions: Attendees can watch live and recorded sessions of the entire conference (for listener and virtual attendees)
  • Best Research Presentation Award: Virtual attendees can participate in the 'Best Research Presentation' Awards scheme, gaining recognition for their work.
  • Career-Changing Lectures and Keynotes: In-person attendees can attend career-changing lectures and keynotes.
  • Remote Expertise: Listener attendees can gain expertise remotely.
  • Widespread Exposure: Virtual attendees can gain widespread exposure through recordings of their presentations being shared on the conference's official social media channels and engaging in interactive technical sessions.

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